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Thomas Gets Me Alone


There's this local homeschooling Yahoo group that's set up just for inexpensive local field trips, and I sign up with them regularly to get my kiddos out and about. Thomas the Tank Engine's live show was this morning, and I bought tickets for Rob and all the kids to go.

Why not me?

Well. Heh. I was supposed to be in CPR Instructor class all day, but I kinda-sorta slept through my wake-up call. I'm really surprised, because I slept all afternoon, half the evening, and all night, so I should've been quite perky come 0700. Not so much, though!

Anyway, I sent the rest of Team Odette off to their little show and spent the next two hours all by my lonesome. Rob and I texted back and forth, I read emails, looked at Facebook, and generally accomplished a whole lotta nothin'.

It was fab.

And that picture up there? Is the only good one Rob managed to get. Which is why he rarely mans the camera.


P.S. Oh, right, right. Yes, the kids had a good time. Of course!