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Treats For My Sweets

On Thursday, we have a homeschoolers' Valentine's Day party to attend. The guest list seemed rather short at only 8, so I figured I could whip up some cute valentines for the kids to give out in no time. I got started this morning at 0500. (I only slept from midnight to 0230, when I ran out of sleep. No time like the present to get workin'!) Anyway, I really liked these candy cones, but I can't give credit because I forgot where I saw the idea. Pretty simple and commonplace, anyway. I made these:


And are they not so cute?! I love them. Love. I wish I could keep them and admire them longer, but alas, the photos will have to do. (I'm so queer, I know.)



I used my thick, sparkly scrapbook paper (which you might recognize from the now-destroyed-by-Sophia Advent box we've used for the past two Christmases) for the cones, and lots and lots of hot glue. Which is now all over my craft table. And my manicure. But who cares? I had fun. Each cone was filled with a bunch of gummy hearts, a couple Starbursts, and a Lindt milk chocolate truffle. My favorite! I can't believe I actually gave them away. I am insane, people. (I mean, seriously - have you tried them? Insane.) 


And then I found out, no, no, there are way more children coming than just eight! But I had used up all these candies for these cones, so what was I going to do? And more importantly, what to do with the cones? Ah, but Thursday afternoon, I am meeting with my Daisies to do - what else?- some more crafting, for upcoming events, and there just so happen to be eight of THEM! Voilà! I will give these cones to my Daisies, and they will love them and go home happy. Yes. Perfect.


I remembered I still had many of the organic lollipops from the 5-lb bag I'd ordered from Amazon, so I searched for lollipop valentines for the kiddos to make. I found these somewhere I also can't remember, and so the kids and I got to work cutting out all the bears and tags. These are for Jack to give out at the homeschoolers' party. I'm glad I've been collecting all kinds of ribbons for a while; I love that each one is different. That sort of thing rocks my boat.


I was originally going to make enough bear pops for all three kids to pass out, but hello, that is boring craftiness, and anyway, I was getting sick of waiting forever for the kids to cut them out! So I found these cute lolli-mice, for Sophia to give out. She traced and cut out the big hearts for the bodies. On one, she messed up, and she asked if that one could be hers. I've explained it to her eleventeen times, but she still doesn't quite get that not any of these will be hers! Oh, well. Come Thursday, she'll figure it out.


Of course, then I had to figure out a third lollipop design for Chloë, and this recipe was handy. She wanted lovebirds, but I didn't find lovebirds, and anyway, these are adorable. She claims to have made them all by herself, but really, she just traced and cut out the flowers and signed the backs. I did everything else. That kid kills me! So now we are finished, and there is just ONE lonely lollipop left in that huge bag. Which makes me glad, because I am utterly sick and tired of finding the finished sticks stuck all over the house. (Ahem, Sophia.)


And that is what we spent hours upon hours doing today, instead of working on Reading, Math, or any other school-y stuff. Hey, it was terribly important, you know?