Saturday 9: Hey Nineteen

Flower Power

My girls, they like to craft with Mommy. And who wouldn't? Mommy has lots of stuff with which to craft. I open a drawer or cabinet, and ideas come forth.

So last night and tonight, while the boy-child was occupying himself with instructional, informative and sometimes gross videos on YouTube (you can a learn a lot on that thing, like how to autopsy a baby or how a giant centipede eats a mouse...), we did some crafts.


I was looking for Easter-related crafts for them, so we could decorate the house like we did for Valentine's Day, but this came up first, and so that was a done deal. The ladies got right to work.


Perfectionist Chloë somehow managed to be first to finish cutting out her flowers. I asked her to spread them out randomly on the cutting mat for a photo. She immediately got to work sorting them out just so. "No, no, randomly - just spread out! LIke this!" I insisted. Then I mashed them all up and moved them all around, willy-nilly. I thought she would pass out. She is too much like me.


She picked out her ribbons and strung her paper flowers, and look! Instant Flower Child. Isn't she a darling? I thought so, too.


Sophia took a little while longer, and she had a harder time stringing the smaller flowers without ripping them, but I think she looked pretty cute, too.  (Plus, I just realized she strung them in the wrong way, with the ribbon atop the flowers. Oops.)



This picture gets me. I could look at it all and not stop finding things to inspect. Look how long her hair has become!


Tonight, with my help, the girls made this version of the Pop-Up Egg, also on the Family Fun site, which I adore. As you can see, I still had plenty of that patterned, glittered paper to use up (it was all over the Advent box, among other things), so they begged to use that. But of course!



It's pretty rad. 

Now I'm in search of any Easter- or Springtime-related crafts we could do using the Cricut, so if you know of any, holla!

Craft on.