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Bzz Bzz: L'Oréal® Paris One Sweep™ Eye Shadow and Double Extend™ Eye Illuminator Mascara


As you may know, I'm a BzzAgent and get to try new products in order to spread the word about them and give my feedback to the developers of the products. I've been a member for several years now, and it's a great program. I love it.

One of my latest campaigns is for these two L'Oréal products:


First up, we have The One Sweep Eyeshadow by Studio Secrets Professional, from L'Oréal. The premise? The specially-create applicator is shaped so that you can load all three coordinating shades at once and then, also, apply them in one sweep across the eyelid, creating depth, drama, and well, it's probably supposed to be 'cool.'

In practice, I found it to be quite a silly product, and I would never buy it in a million years. However, it was fun to try it, and I'm glad it was provided to me for free by BzzAgent and L'Oréal.

You see, it doesn't work all that well. You just can't load the three colors equally-in-depth with one swipe, and then either you don't have the desired effect when you sweep it across your lid, or you have to and scoop up some more product, muddying the lines and making the whole thing quite pointless. And then the applicator. It's kind of non-intuitive, which way you're supposed to hold it to load the product and then apply it to your eyes, although clearly they intended the opposite. It's just not comfortable, and it just doesn't work well.

Seriously? If you don't have time to apply your different shades separately, then just do one shade. Or skip the shadow altogether and go with some simple black mascara and lip gloss.

My grade: D-. One star. Thumbs down. Boo.




Secondly, we have L'Oréal's Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara. I received the one for brown eyes, because... duh. The premise? Thicken and lengthen the lashes with one end of the wand, and then apply the pretty sparklies with the other end, to make the eyes really pop.

In theory, again, it's a good, fun idea. In practice, it's a flop. First of all, with a really good mascara, like Almay One Coat Dial-Up, I end up with nice, long, thick, impressive lashes. So what I'm saying is, I've got 'em, and I know they're there. But with this Double Extend thing? Not so much. My lashes look chintzy even after multiple coats. Weeny lashes, who wants 'em? Not me. I have big eyes. I like to accentuate them. Whatever the opposite of that is, this mascara does it.

And then the Illuminator part? It just doesn't work. Oh, if you peer closely at yourself with a highly-magnified mirror, you can see some maroon-colored shimmer on there, but barely even then. Totally not worth shelling out eleven bucks for. Save your money.

The bottom line, for me: D-. One star. Thumbs down. Boo.


So. While I love L'Oréal as a brand overall, I don't dig these two new products at all. I would not buy them, and you shouldn't, either.