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Blended Family


I don't use the blender very often, for whatever reasons, but I broke it out the other day when the kids were looking for some dessert before bed. I repeatedly try to convince them that dessert is not a daily occurrence, but they still balk whenever we try to send them to bed without some sort of sweet treat. Not that we necessarily give in, but... oh, hell, I'm rambling.


So I was looking through the kitchen for something I could fix quickly for them, and I remembered the bag of frozen strawberries in the deep freezer. Ah! "Who wants a strawberry shake?" I queried. Three "I do!"s returned. I set to mixin', pulsin', and blendin'.


Just simple shakes, these were, but they were scrumptious! I would have gone for a LOT more if I didn't know full well it would make me sick as a dog. Half a bag of the strawberries, some glugs of milk (I didn't measure), and about 3/4 cup of sugar, and that was it. I could probably have gotten away with a half-cup of sugar. And no, I've never been one of those moms who's afraid of a little sugar right before bedtime.  Call me crazy (you'd be right)!

Strawberry smoothie

And the kids' verdict? Chloë summed it up best: "You can make these again, Mom. Soon!"

Will do.