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Knitterly Transformation


Back in February, I picked up this Araucania Panguipulli wool from The Loopy Ewe, in St. Louis. The color is "Winthrop" (8).

I knew what I wanted to make with it before I bought it: Meret (Ravlink), the cool, slouchy beret worn by Abigail Breslin in My Sister's Keeper. (I hated that movie, by the way. The book was SO much better. Ugh. Still makes me mad.)


I still can't seem to get started knitting with my beloved, prized Wollmeise, so I needed a quickie project and cast on for Meret last Friday after winding it into a nice, center-pull cake.


It went pretty quickly, as expected - and I had the fun of using lots of interesting stitch markers. It's like knitting jewelry. When I was all finished, Chloë was very disappointed that the stitch markers weren't a part of the final product!


I still haven't taken a decent picture of my Meret. Here's me wearing it - I've been all over town with it on, despite the warm temps - in the van on the way to the Naval Hospital the other day. No, I wasn't driving.

002 (2) 

Yes, I really did take the picture over the back of my own head. I'm a dork. But I like it, wrinkly-looking shoulders and all!

001 (2) 

I'm generally not a person who can get away with wearing hats. They just don't flatter my flat head. But with my extra-slouchy Meret, I think I have solved the problem. Love it!

So that's done, then. The next project will likely span many moons...