Sunday Stealing: The 5000-Q Meme, Part Final
...And Lived To Tell The Tale

Six Degrees Of Separation


Six years ago today, this darling little creature came out, looking nothing like her older sister and brothers. My first thought, upon seeing her in the OR, was, "Whoa! That ain't mine!" since she didn't have the same inherent cuteness as the others.

That night, as I nursed her alone in my hospital room for the first time, and I gazed down upon my fourth child and took in every inch of her, I saw her beauty. Hers is not a classic beauty, but one you have to search for, I think. And when you find it, well, she just captivates you. You stare at her, mesmerized, and drink her in.



We should have realized she was going to be trouble when she started walking at seven months old. Seven months?! You know who was prepared for that? Not a one of us. Seven-month-old babies are fearless. Mothers of those who walk at seven-months-old are obsessively fearful. It was interesting times, to say the least.



Today, six years after her emergence into this world, this girl remains fearless, is effortlessly naughty, is wholly hysterical, is sharp as a tack, and still possess that fleeting, yet captivating, beauty.

We love her. She drives us up a wall, but we love her!

♥ Happy 6th birthday, Sophia Lorelei! ♥