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Thrifting On A Monday Evenin'

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So, Mondays are 20% off for military members at the CHKD Thrift Stores here in Hampton Roads, and I had some money in the Paypal account, and I have a new small business venture brewing... so we went to have a look-see at the goods today while Chloë was in her Tappy-Tap class. I got a bunch of shit. Wanna see more?  Okay, good, because I'm about to tell you anyway.

I like to go to the one on the Boulevard, because they always have good stuff. Plus, that's the only one I've ever been to, because it's right near dance class.

Here's what I picked up:


None of the kids have ANY light in their rooms, so I found them each a lamp. There are no overhead fixtures in the kids' rooms, and the lamps they have had in the past are kaput, so they can never be in their rooms at night. Except to sleep, but not to DO anything. Chloë, especially, hates that, because she likes to read in bed. Anyway, blah blah blah, here's the lamp that Jack claimed. It works, and for $2.38, I was delighted to find it. (All prices given in this post include the discount.)


These are marked $2.98, but I wrote down $1.98 (so $1.58 with discount), so now I'm not sure which it was. There might have been a tag that I pulled off, but I can't remember. Either way, the girls were happy with their new (working) pink lamps! Now to find shades...


$2.38 for this leafy serving tray, which is super-sturdy, if not excessively floral. But I took off the leaf garland to Freecycle, and this is what I'm left with:


Much better, I think. I plan to get lots of use out of this. Not bad for $2.38!



Another really sturdy tray I'll use frequently, for $3.18. Should I spray paint it? I haven't decided.


Now, for $2.38, this was an AWESOME find!!! I definitely need one of these for my new venture, decorating cakes, pies, cookies and other treats. (I haven't come up with a name for it yet - any ideas??) It's really strong and sturdy, so I'm very happy to have found it.


This teeny little gold basket was a find for 22¢! Can you guess for what I'll use it?


It'll be a business card holder! I think it's so cute. And by the way, that's one of my BFFs, Erin, who is a new realtor with Coldwell Banker! (She's out of Central NY, but she can refer you locally, too.)


I love interesting candles and candleholders, and this one was only 62¢, so I snatched it right up!


I got these beeswax candles online for a steal a while ago, and they fit right in there just so. We burnt them halfway down tonight, which has nothing to do with anything, so moving right along...


I love, love, love handpainted artisan pottery, so I grabbed this bowl right away when I saw it. I mean, I'm guessing it's handpainted artisan pottery. It doesn't say "Made in China" anywhere, so your guess is as good as mine.


And then, on closer inspection, I noticed the holes - so I think it's a handpainted, artisanal colander, which is muy cool, in my opinion. Isn't it? Muy cool? And for 78¢, no less! Woot!



This very heavy silver charger plate was only $3.18, and I'll probably use it for the cake business, too. A little polish, and it'll be fantàstico!


We have two of these, a four-cup one and a one-cupper, and I'm forever wishing we had more. $2.38 for this one!


Just 78¢ for this heart-shaped bud vase, which I really didn't need for anything other than that it made me happy.


This little wooden bookshelf, which is also quite strong and sturdy, was only $1.26! Awesome find!


Together with this little wicker magazine holder, which I picked up for $1.58, I was able to reorganize the top shelf of our very messy baker's rack:


It's a work in progress, as we have LOTS more cookbooks and cooking magazines than this, but it's a great start. I didn't take a 'before' picture, which I should have, but it looked much worse than this, which is the shelf below it:


See what I mean? Organization of the recipe-stuffs must happen. Soon.


This is not thrift store-related at ALL, but I found it too cute not to share. Jack got this little truck at our friend JR's birthday party last Wednesday, and the girls put a pistachio in the front loader while I was busy taking pictures of the thrifted goods. Too funny! 


Not a terribly exciting find, but for $2.35, I got 30 kid hangers that I rilly, rilly needed. Jack wasn't thrilled about the colors, but really? They're hangers. Who cares?!



Remember how I gave away the kids' ENTIRE awesome DVD collection by accident last fall? I'm still working on replenishing it, so when they asked for a few movies today, I easily relented. Three of them were $1.58 each, and the fourth was only $1.26. Not bad, I think.


Now this, this find really excites me, because of the new cakey venture: A Nordic Ware caterpillar cakelette pan, which I found for sale online for anwhere from $20-40, for only $3.18, in brand-freakin'-new condition! Squeee!!


I just happened by these ties and found these two for 78¢ each, so I grabbed them up for Rob, who can always use more ties. I figured if he didn't like them, I could cut them up and use the silk for egg-dyeing or whatever else, right?


Freezey pop thingies for just 62¢! *Grab*



I have no pantyhose that fit these days, so I snagged the three pairs they had in my size for just $1.58 each. I rarely wear hose, just once in a blue moon, but the price was right.


I have one of these metal-and-rattan-type tribal candle holders already, so when I found this one for only 78¢, I immediately knew it had to come home with me. I just love these. Love!


See? New and old, together. Just one more, and I'll have myself a little collection.


I love this camel bag from Nine West SO much, and I've been wanting a backpack-type purse thing for centuries. It's marked $69, but I only paid $3.18 for it. Score!

And last, but certainly not least:


I found this xoxo backpack for Chloë for $3.98, knowing she would absolutely LOVE it. Yes, it was the most expensive thing I picked up today, but she went through a lot getting her quad helix appliance on at the dentist today (and three other recent visits), and she's in a lot of pain, and she's had a hard time in general of late, so I wanted to get her a little treat. I can't find it online, but my searches indicate it would normally be in the $35-40 range, so it was a good deal. And brand-new quality, too!

Well, that's the end. I purposely stayed away from the clothes, because I knew I'd go crazy if I did, and I want to make a list of what we actually NEED instead of just getting whatever (good stuff) I could find.

Leave me a comment with your favorite of my CHKD thrifting finds today, please! And if you have a name suggestion for my cake business, leave that, too.

Thanks. ;D