Nutella: The Opposite Of Mustard
A Saturday In May

Disappointment On The Cookie Front


Remember the woman who ordered the logo-truck cookies for her mom a few weeks ago? Well, originally, she had commissioned me for these princess party-themed cookies. Two dozen of them, so this picture doesn't show all of the ones she received. Just most.

I went back and forth on how I wanted to ice her cookies and finally decided to go with the Royal Icing, color flow technique that she had been so happy with for her mom's cookies. Adding a generous helping of colored sanding sugars to go with the theme, of course.

Well, I just hate the way they came out. I haven't heard back from her about them yet, and I'm nervous to ask. I know I should... and I probably will, tomorrow (today), because I know she planned to order yet more cookies from me for her upcoming baby shower, and I want to keep in her good graces!

Personally, I think these suck. I'm sure they tasted just fine, but they look like poo in my opinion, and I hate them. Bah.


Well, at least the packaging was cute.