Sunday Stealing: The You Can't Be Missed Meme, Part The Last
Aloha Friday

Knitting Progress Y Otras Cosas


Here's where I am on the dress now. I think it's looking so cool. I can't wait to wear it!! It's double-knit, thick wool, so unless I develop coolant in my blood, I think it will be relegated to Winter wear after all.  I'm fine with that.

We didn't do a whole very lot this Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday, we... Hm. Lay around in the un-air-conditioned house and moaned about how hot we were. On Sunday, we did the same. Today, Monday, we actually managed to get to the pool for some respite from the heat. Five minutes into that excursion, I was whining about being bored and having forgotten my knitting. After an hour, I gave up and walked home, leaving Rob at the pool with the kids. I grabbed my knitting and, still soaking wet and wrapped up in my towel, I lay on the couch with my project bag and... promptly fell asleep. For like, four hours. Awesome. Go me.

Part of that sleepiness might be from what is an enormous change I've made in my life, as of yesterday: I gave up my major Diet Coke habit! I have multiple reasons for doing so, including economic, health, and environmental ones. If you want me to go into more detail, say so in the comments. I won't bore you with those here.

But I'm out of iron and unloaded from caffeine, so I am quite the drowsy girl right now. It sucks. All I want to do is clean the house, but it's far too hot, and I'm far too tired, and I've done exactly nothing on that front.



Excuse the kids sitting around in their drawers, but it really is frickin' hot in here. Anyway, this is them starting on our new Top Secret! Adventure series from the Highlights magazine people. We're starting with Australia. So far, they're semi-into it. Maybe I can make it more interesting for them this week, because we have the China package to do next, and the third one should be here soon. Should be a fun way to explore geography, though!

Right now, while the AC is out of commission, You Take The Cake! is on hiatus. For one thing, it's too hot to bake, and for another, all my goodies will melt! So that stinks, because I am really eager to kick it into high gear.

And on a final note, we're trying to get out of our house. Anyone want to assume our mortgage? We don't even want to make any money on it; we just want OUT of here. Stat.

And on that note, have a lovely week. Think cold thoughts for us!