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Sparkle! Progress

I can't remember if I ever posted here that I was going to knit myself this dress from Vogue, but I think I did:


I got the yarn back in February from The Loopy Ewe yarn shop in St. Louis, remember? It's "just" Cascade 220, but since I've never used that wool before, it's exciting to me.

Anyway, about a month and a half ago, I cast on for sparkle! and managed to complete four whole rows of the front. Then I put it down, expecting as usual to get right back to it, but there it sat while I moved on to other busyness.

This past Wednesday night was the first of what will be bi-weekly Craft Nights at a very special, cool, awesome, crafty place in downtown Norfolk called 757 Creative Space. If you are a Hampton Roads local, and you are a creative type, you simply must join in the fun.

I decided to go, after debating about doing that versus cleaning house. The house always needs cleaning. Always. MIL reminded me, via Facebook, that it would still be there and implored me to go to Craft Night.

I'm so glad she did! I met some wonderful ladies (and a gent or two) who do so many different, amazing things with their hands. I brought Chloë, too, and even she got her craft on, learning to finger-knit from a fabulous girl whose name I didn't catch, and make button-and-felt flower bouquets with the incomparable Michelle from Gymbohannah.

Anyway, I chatted and networked and laughed so much, I barely got two rows done in the whole three hours I was there, but that's okay, because I got my knitting mojo back and have been picking up sparkle! in every spare moment I can grab. And here I am now, 29 rows in:


It's coming along nicely, if I do say so myself. I can barely wait to wear it! At this rate, it will be a Winter dress, maybe with a red turtleneck and/or red tights underneath, but that's okay, because, hello? Wool? In what promises to be 100º weather this summer? Not terribly smart.

So coming up in a mo', Sunday Stealing, and then back to my sparkle! Because I know you can't wait to see me wearing it. Ha.