Sunday Stealing: Seriously Random Meme, Part One
Family Meeting, The First



Late last Tuesday night, I got a frantic email from a friend of mine. Another friend of hers, C, had four kittens that she was giving away the next day to the SPCA if they weren't taken. Did anyone want them?

True or not, I didn't care, because I'd been wanting to add a third kitty to our brood. So, after confirming that there was a female, I went out and picked up this little cutie the next day. I thought about naming her Topaz, because of her honey-colored stripes, but the rest of Team Odette quickly nixed that idea. The kids like "Caramel," but I didn't like that so much. So, a quick post on Facebook later, and "Cupcake" was suggested to us. We haven't quite gotten used to the name, but I think it's the one we have finally, officially settled on.


Cupcake definitely does not lack for attention amongst our trio of offspring, that's for sure. And she is a LOUD 3-month-old kitten, so when she's had enough, she yells about it loud and clear!


I often rescue Cupcake from her miniature captors, to give her a break - and a nap. She likes naps. Lots and lots of naps. 


She wasn't really asleep here; she just didn't appreciate the flash of light in her wee little eyes!


And here's cupcake on her daddy's lap today, demonstrating feline tonic immobility. (Look it up; it's a shark thing.)

So, five days in, and we are madly in love with the little furball. She's a keeper!


And speaking of cats and kittens, um, our cat Star might be pregnant. We thought she came to us already 'fixed,' but apparently that might not be the case. Stay tuned for a stork report!

(No, they are not at ALL intended to be outdoor cats, but with the AC out of commission, we've kept the windows open, and the cats have clawed themselves through the screens in both the front AND the back of the house. ARGH!)

More posts a-comin'!