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Wordless Wednesday I: Jack's Gift

Girl Scouts Day At Ocean Breeze Waterpark


 For Sophia and Chloë's troops' year-end wrap-up party, we decided to attend the Girl Scout Day at the local waterpark. Sophia and I got there first, while Rob ran Chloë to her dance rehearsal for the big June Show coming up next week. Anyway, we waited and waited for the park to open, and everyone else who was coming to get there, while I did the potty dance the whole time. I rilly, rilly had to go!

But that's besides the point.

When we got in, we found there were stations for the Daisies, more for the Brownies, more still for the Juniors, and so on up the ranks. The Junior troop girls mostly hung out as a group, while the Daisies split up with their parents and did whatever. We were to meet around noon to line up for lunch, so we had two hours on our own. I dragged Sophia around from station to station, trying to do the right thing and participate in the Girl Scout-only activities. She hated it, every minute of it. I say, in the future, that we skip Girl Scout Day and just go on our own! Or go somewhere else. But anyway...


Okay, so some of the stations were more active and fun, but what Sophia REALLY wanted to do was get in the water. She did nothing but complain about wanting to swim. And who could blame her? I mean, it was right THERE, like a tease, while we did the Girl Scout activities.


She did have fun playing "Lifeguard Says,"...


... and of course, she's always up for a cool tattoo. This is Hugh Mongous, the mascot of the waterpark.

(Meanwhile, this whole time, Chloë was still at dance until right before lunch.)


Chloë arrived around 11:30, so I had her change and then join Sophia and me for another station. This time, they tied two simple knots and called it done. Lame!


The rest of the Juniors and Daisies, save one, joined us for yet another lame station, in which they had to come up with their OWN game to demonstrate water safety rules, using the materials provided. None of them, or us, could think of anything, so they just hula hooped and threw the stuff around until we decided to move on to Octopus Tag at the next station. 


Octopus Tag was basically Freeze Tag, except the "It" person had to wear a lei. Hey, don't ask me, I was just the dumbass holding the camera.


Finally, they called us over for lunch, which was super chintzy. And, well, too snacky and non-nutritious, in my opinion. Further lameness. 


After lunch, we (our two troops) all met in front of the Hugh Mongous statue for photos. I had to take a bunch, but they all turned out cute. Too bad I have to block the smiling faces of all our pretty girls!


The hot dad who was there took the camera for a picture of me and Miss N, Chloë's troop leader, and Miss D, my new co-leader. Do you recognize me in the middle, with no hair?!


Sophia and little G were climbing on Hugh's gigantimous foot on our way back to the waterpark. See Sophia's curls at the bottom of her hair? She gets them when it's hot and humid. Love them!

After lunch, we all went our separate ways again. Chloë went to hang out with the Juniors, leaving me to play with Sophia for a couple hours. We had a freakin' BLAST! Sophia is so brave and adventurous, so we went down grown-up slide after slide, with and without tubes - all separately! She would go on one slide, and I'd either be ahead of her to help "catch" her (but not really, just to show moral support), or I'd go on the sister slide to meet her at the bottom. She couldn't wear a life vest, but that was fine because she can really swim now! She would plunk! down into the water, pop up, and immediately start swimming toward the ladder. I was bursting with pride, and she was beaming. So fun.


Unfortunately, we had to cut our fun short and go home, after spending over an hour in the First Aid room, when Sophia sprained her ankle. Rob and Jack showed up, and we took her to the ER. I napped in the car with Chloë while she had x-rays taken and all that.  Turns out, she's got a possible fracture that even the radiologist couldn't verify, so we have to take her to see an orthopaedics specialist. I'll call them tomorrow and see when I can get her in.


On the upside, they gave us free tickets to come back to the waterpark another time, so at least we'll recoup some of the lost fun time. 

As for Sophia, she's had that softish cast-like thing on and off her foot repeatedly today, and sometimes she limps, and sometimes she walks normally, so I tend to think it's probably not broken and she'll be fine. But still, mah po' bay-bay!!

That is all.