Saturday 9: The Best & The Worst
Cropped. Chopped. Cut. Cute?

It's A Pizza Cake!


Thursday night, I got a semi-frantic phone call from a mother in search of a last-minute cake baker for her daughter's 14th birthday party on Saturday. Could I help? Could it be a giant slice of pizza? On and on. I agreed to take on her cake, at a fraction of the cost she had been quoted by other bakers looking to capitalize on the rush job. I underbid a little bit. I should have asked for more. Live and learn.

Anyway, so tonight, I started - and finished - the cake. It went well! Better than I expected, actually. I think it turned out okay. The only hitch is that I lost my notes, and I can't remember how to spell the poor birthday girl's name! So I'll have to write that on when the mom comes to pick up her cake tomorrow. 

With the leftover cake and frosting, I'm now making some cake pops to photograph for the website. I'm going to advertise them as gifts for Dads, Grads, and Teachers, none of which I really needed to capitalize. But I can do that, because I'm a free-spirited wood nymph. Or something.

So... you like?