Wordless Wednesday 2: To MIL, With Love From The Grands
Saturday 9: Make You Feel My Love

Presenting... Mickey & Maniac!


Last week, the kids and I went out and picked up two unrelated Lionhead Rabbit bunny-babies, and we immediately fell in love with them. They are so sweet, so soft, so ... well, okay, Maniac earned his name from scratching the bejeezus out of me until I clipped his nails, but Mickey is a little darling.

Ten points if you can figure out the connection between their names!

001 (2) 

The kids, they are driving us crazy with wanting to hold, pet, and do God-knows-what else to the Mr. and Mrs. Bunbuns all day long, but it's okay, because I figured it would be that way.

And the poor buns are lucky there are two new kittens in the house (Cupcake and Muffin) to distract the kids once in a while. With our two older cats, Tinkerbell and Star, rounding out the numbers, we have our fill of critters at the moment. Oh, please, Star, don't be pregnant...!

Bunnies are cute. That is all.