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Sunday Stealing: Seriously Random Meme, Part III

Saturday 9: Make You Feel My Love


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1. What has someone done unusual to make you feel their love?

Accepted me unconditionally, warts and all.

2. Do you own a smart phone? If yes, is it everything you wanted? If no, how seriously have you considered a purchase of the new smart phone?

I lurve my iPhone 4, yup yup yup!

3. Have you ever camped out to purchase something?

Psht, God, no. Nothing is worth that much to me. Nothing for sale, anyway.

4. What is your worst habit?


5. What is your best habit?

I try my hardest, and I really DO care.

6. In your opinion, what is life's greatest mystery?

Why people have to be mean to others just for the sake of being mean. Why can't people just be NICE to each other, for the sake of being nice? I have never understood that.

7. Are you one of those people who is constantly busy with projects, social outings, etc. or do you just like to lay low and stay home?

A little of both, but we seem to always be on the go anymore. There's very little down time at home. 

8. Whether you're busy all the time or like to just chill, have you always been that way?

Yeah, pretty much. Type A right here.

9. Is there something you'd like to change about how you spend your time? If so, what is it? If not, why not?

Yes, I'd love to fix my unconventional sleeping habits, and I'm working with a new therapist who has several interesting theories about it. She's going to help me get back on track, I know she is. I'm excited about it!