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Sunday Stealing: Seriously Random Meme, Part II

Saturday 9: You May Be Right


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1. What is the craziest thing you've done in the last year?

Started my own custom cakery on a whim (and a prayer), in April!

2. What is something that you've lost recently?

The visual hallucinations I'd been having, thanks to an increased dose of Abilify... heh.

3. Where does your patience suffer the most?

I like things done the way I want them, when I want them, which is like 2 seconds after I ask. I don't have the patience to wait and wait while the other person is literally sitting there doing nothing, and I can't proceed with my thing until they've done their thing. Really? Don't get me started. I'm not a very patient person. Hubs will agree.

4. Have you ever re-read a book?

Yes, but very rarely. I've re-read Evergreen by Belva Plain, the Anne of Green Gables series, and a few others, not counting children's books, of course.

5. What is a TV show that you absolutely HATE to miss?

Well, now that we haven't had regular TV service in a year and a half, it's a moot point, but I really miss Dexter and The Big Bang Theory!

6. How old do you wish you were?

I'm happy with my current age. I actually enjoy the aging process. It's fascinating to me.

7. Do you know your neighbors?

Yes, on both sides and many around us.

8. Do you believe that opposites attract?

Yes, oft-times they do, although that doesn't necessarily mean they will last...

9. Who was the last person that made you laugh?

My son, Jack River. He's 8 and for the last couple of months, he's become funnier each day. It's awesome.