Family Meeting, The First
Girl Scouts Day At Ocean Breeze Waterpark

Shut Your Large Mouth, Bass!


So this guy. Rob took the kids fishing at the little lake across the street last night, while I ... took a nap. He's been doing that quite often with them lately, which they absolutely love. Well, Jack came tearing in the house to tell me that "Sophia" caught a big fish and I had to!! I was like, "Um, okay, no thanks," and went back to sleep until Rob and the girls ran in with, well, this guy. Which Rob immediately put in a storage tote of MINE (humph) and filled with fresh water, so they could stare at it and look at it and touch it and stuff.


Really, here's the girl who landed The Big Fish. Daddy helped. Just like he's helping her lift it up here, for her official fish photo.


That smile is genuine. When she first caught 'im, she was so glad, she actually cried.


When she could no longer hold him, Daddy took Big Fish back to the lake and released him. He reportedly swam off immediately, with no hesitation, so I was relieved. It's a catch-and-release program we're running here, folks. Not that I'm against Bob-and-the-Gang fishing for our dinner, but out of that lake? Not quite edible.

Hopefully we'll get his fishing license soon, and we can take the kids out to the dock on the ocean for some fishing and crabbing. Should be a blast!