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Saturday 9: Against All Odds


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1. Have you ever tried to rekindle a past relationship against the odds?

Yes, yes I have. As well as current ones.

2. Do you like your job, or daily routine?

My job is "mom," generally speaking, and I love my job. As far as my daily routine, I'm working on changing it. I have a mixed-up sleeping schedule, and I'm heading to the sleep lab to find out what I can do to normalize it. If only my sleep schedule meshed with most of the rest of the world's - or even my family's - then yes, things would be pretty fantastic.

3. Do you find time to 'smell the flowers' so to speak?

I have to remind myself, but I do that much, yes. A previous therapist prescribed to me to get my daily dosage of "warm fuzzies," and I make sure that I do, to this day. I recommend it! It's good for the soul.

4. Do you have any problems thinking of things to write about in your blog?

No. If I don't have anything to write about, I don't. It's not like I have a humongous audience that's waiting on pins and needles for my next great post.

5. Do others consider you well organized?

Once upon a time, before I had my own family, yes. That has gone waaaaaay downhill, and I don't really like it! On the other hand, my husband commented the other day that my perfectionist tendencies have really been toned down substantially since we met, and that is good for HIM, which in turn is good for me. So, there it is.

6. Do you always have a “Plan B” just in case?

Not really. I usually go for Plan A with gusto, and if it's something I truly want, it usually works out just fine. When it fails, then I freak out, to varying degrees based on the situation, and then figure out a Plan B.

7. How do you find yourself adjusting to new situations?

I like change. I think I adjust fairly well. I like constant disruptions and moving to new places and having new experiences. I don't like things to be stagnant.

8. Are you happy with where you are in this point of your life?

Eh, well, yes, in a manner of speaking. Things can always be fixed, and I'm working on that, but I love what I have. I am truly blessed.

9. Do you find the aging process we all go through easy or difficult?

Well, I'll be 35 this year, so I haven't had all that much "aging" yet, I don't think. I have my share of aches and pains, but not too bad compared to Hubs'. I'm not gray yet, and I don't really have wrinkles, but there are other things... what I meant to say when I read this question, at first, was that I am amazed to be this age (never thought I'd live this long) and I am loving getting older. Absolutely loving it. Adore it.

Have a great week!