Saturday 9: Take Me Back
As Thursdays Go...

The Inaugural Ride


So Rob took me for a ride on his motorcycle tonight. It was the first time for us to ride together, ever.

He didn't want to do it, because I was wearing a tank top, a skirt, and flip-flops, and, well, normally he's suited up to the nines in protective motorcycle gear.

"Cmon," I told him, "Let's just go up and down the street real quick."

He gave in pretty easily and handed me a helmet. He put his on, then helped me get strapped up in mine.

After wheeling the BMW out to the road and waving goodbye to the kids, who were instructed to sit on their respective bikes and Power Wheels an' sech until we returned a moment later, I climbed aboard and held on for dear life.

And away we went!!

It was fun. He didn't dump me into the street, and I didn't even scream, not even once. We whizzed around the corner, made a U-ie, and whizzed back home.

Lickety-split, just like that.

Now I'm ready for our first date night out on the bike. I've been told I'll be wearing a leather jacket (ick) and jeans on that trip. But I can deal with that.

I can't wait!