A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama
Sunday Stealing: Yet Another 20Q Meme

Saturday 9: Money Grabber


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1. Has anyone ever intentionally ripped you off? Or perhaps unintentionally?

Funnily (or not, whatev) enough, someone did recently rip me off, and I was trying to figure out how to pursue it when just TODAY, in the mail, she sent me the payment she owed me. So. There you go. I can't think of any other shining examples, but I'm sure it's happened.

Oh yeah, Protect America is a rip-off. Please don't ever sign up with them!

2. When was the last time that you made a quip that fell completely flat and embarrassed you?

I don't know why I can't think of anything, since this seems to happen to me constantly!

3. When you go to sleep, does it you need to be absolutely quiet or do you need a little noise (radio, TV, music or white)?

Either way, I can sleep if I'm ready to sleep, and can't if I'm not. The noise and light don't seem to be a factor for me... although they probably are, and I just don't realize it. (I have major sleep issues.)

4. Do you have a memorable "ripped clothing" moment in your life? No? How about in someone else's? (Come on, you know you have something to contribute!)

I have had my clothing ripped off me in a threatening attack. Not something I want to think about at present, sorreh!

5. What's changed on your blog since its inception? ...a redo? ...a change of pace? ...or is it still business as usual?

Nothing but the appearance, which I change several times a year. Other than that, it's the same ol' me stuff.

6. Can you remember where you were in life ten years ago? If you could travel back in time and whisper something to yourself ten years ago, what would it be?

Sadly, I can remember exactly where I was 10 years ago. Is that sad? Whatever, again. Anyway, I was 36 weeks pregnant with my oldest, Chloë, which means she will be turning 10 in four days!! So, at that time, I was busy waddling around and putting the finishing touches on her sweet little nursery. Those were the best times...Oh! And I would whisper, "She's coming early, in four days, and there will be problems. Be strong and be her (and your) best advocate!"

7. Okay, let's have it! What's the craziest, most impulsive thing you've ever done?

I eloped with a man I met two months before on the internet! And as mentioned above, we had a borderline-premature baby exactly 8 months, 5 days later. Wedding night pregnancy is not the greatest when you're such a new, unsettled couple! LOL... but, it's worked itself out, and that was almost 11 years ago. We're happy.

8. If you were having a bad day what or who would you turn to for comfort?

In this order: (1) My husband, (2) my anxiety pills, (3) my friends/family or at last resort, Facebook, and (4) knitting or reading.

9. According to the song White Rabbit, "one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small." If you were offered these pills today, which pill would you take and where would it take you?

I would take the 'small' pill, and it would take me to the plastic surgeon's office to remove the extra skin left behind from my recent 200+ pound weight loss. And then I would be teensy.

Havenzie good weekend!