"The Big 'C'"
Jack In 100 Years

Giving 'Til It (Almost) Hurts


Those of you who read here regularly know two things: I'm a big-time deal shopper ("extreme couponer", no, but I try) and I'm rebuilding my Jafra business. So when I found out that our local Girl Scout unit was going to be supporting the kids for Salvation Army's Christmas party(ies) and that older tweens and teens were underrepresented under the tree, I realized that I would be doing some serious de-stashing of the goods I've amassed over the past year or two. My family is going to be all-Jafra, all the time, because - not to sound like a perpetual commercial here, but - it's really good stuff, and I want the best for them. And I need to support my own business. So I went through MY bin (we still have to go through Rob's, to make stockings for the young men) and made a pile of everything I could get rid of, that I would only be using Jafra products for from now on. Here's my pile!

Oh yeah, and my make-up stash had to be gone through as well, since of course Jafra has an excellent color line, and I will only be putting our products on my face from now until Kingdom Come. Heh, well, that's the plan, anyway. So hopefully, I'm going to make some young ladies very happy when Christmas comes and their little brothers and sisters are getting coloring books and toys. Grown-up stuff for grown-up kids!


Don't think I completely depleted my stash. I kept everything Jafra doesn't have a product line for, like toothpastes and razors and stuff. So I'm still all set. (And please don't be paying for toothpaste. You should never have to, if you get into couponing! I seriously get so much, I could open a toothpaste store.)

Anyway. I received, from our GS unit, six stockings. These were supposed to be for my troop and Chloë's troop to fill. Well, uh, um, take a look:


Six stuffed-full bags of toiletries for some hopefully happy teen girls! They all get deodorant, floss, lotions and potions, soap, shower gel, and more. And look, you can see it's all good, name-brand stuff. No crap, nothing I wouldn't have used myself if I wasn't going Jafra-crazy. (I can admit it, you can say it.)

And that's only about half the girl stuff, and I haven't even touched the make-up stuff yet! Plus we still have Rob's bin to go through. I hope the unit leader in charge of this project has a half-dozen or more extra stockings, because I'm going to need them...

I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to help in this way. It feels awesome. Rob's reaction, when he woke up just now and I told him to go look at the bed, was, "Cool." And it is. Really cool. I just hope the kids like their loot!