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Product Review: Fleischmann's Simply Homemade No Knead Bread Mix

(Be aware I've had lots of sampling opportunities lately, so I'm catching up on my posts about them.) ;)

Recently, MomSelect and Fleischmann's chose me and my "Mom Group" (aka my large homeschooling co-op) to receive a lovely sampling kit containing two boxes each of four different flavors of Fleischmann's new Simply Homemade No Knead Bread Mix. These include:


Country White (delicious),

309042_205761106158940_198765700191814_495839_507768805_nStoneground Wheat (yummy!),


Italian Herb (not my favorite but still pretty good), and



Multi-Grain (my favorite!!).

So since we had a costume party at the co-op last Wednesday, wherein we were all supposed to bring healthy, delicious snacks to share with everyone, I decided to bake up all eight mixes and bring them to co-op. It took me less than two hours to make all that bread, starting with opening the first box and ending with taking the last two loaves out of the oven.

This bread mix could not have been simpler to use: the dough mix, a yeast packet, and a small package of sugar for feeding the yeast were included in each box. I simply had to mix the sugar and yeast with a cup of warm water and let it sit for two minutes. After that, I added the dough mix and stirred it up. No kneading was required! I just let it sit in a warm place for about 25 minutes and then baked it for another 25 minutes, two loaves at a time. Voilà!

The comments I received were identical to my own feelings about the bread: Utterly delicious, and incredulousness about how good such simple-to-make bread could be! The breads were a BIG hit in my own family and in my entire co-op. Huge TWO THUMBS UP from us!

(Note that I am a ding-dong and forgot to photograph the finished products. DUH!)

Questions were asked about the bread, such as price and availability. I'm not sure where it is and is not carried yet, nor for how much, but if you go to Fleischmann's Facebook page, you can get a 50¢-off coupon for submitting a picture of your bread. Maybe there's a way to get more coupons, but I'm not so sure.

Oh, I almost forgot: I also received a dozen or so high-quality oven mitts with the Fleischmann's logo to pass out to my co-op friends, as well as a logoed apron for me to keep. I wore it all day, over my costume! Hee.

In sum, look for this product in your store. It's great.