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Rob's Before & Afters


This is Rob on the same night, before and after his shower and application of facial products from Jafra. I neglected to do the pictures on Night One, which would have shown you the changes so dramatic that I spent about a half-hour raving over his vastly different countenance, so this is actually Night Three. I think you can still see the changes. For one, the Skin Brightener seems to have really done its job, as his face truly looks... well, brighter. Now, these photos are completely unretouched, with not even the slightest editing done on them. Yes, he's unshaven before and has shaved in the 'after' photo, but I don't think the stubble hides anything. We have work to do still, but after three nights, compared to him truly looking his age (39) in my humble opinion, I think to myself, "Not bad, not bad..."


He blinked in nearly every single "smiling" picture I took, so I tried to get him at the same level of blinky-squinty for both the before-and-after picture in that expression. Can you see how different the crow's feet look afterward? Not so deep, not so pronounced. Same, but to a lesser degree, with the smile lines and forehead creases. I think again, in both sets of pictures, the Skin Brightener really shows a difference in Rob's face.

If you're interested in a list of products used on Rob, let me know, but we used a number of our Specialty Skin Care products in addition to the Men's Skin Care Set. Once I try the PRO line on him, I'm hoping the transformation will really WOW you!

(Since I've been back to using more JAFRA products than usual, I've noticed wonderful changes in my own face, but they are less easy to tell through photography, so I'm relying on Rob to show the changes.)

Seriously, I'm so impressed by how different he looks before and after using the products. I think he is, too, and he doesn't feel at all "girly" about it. We haven't done a mask or any microdermabrasion on him... yet. That may be coming later, but for now, we'll just stick to this regimen and see how things progress. I'd like to knock 5 or 10 years off his "look" in the next month or so!