Friday Fragments
Sunday Stealing: The Questions Galore Meme, Part The Second

Saturday 9: Mrs. Potter's Lullaby


So, I'm late. I still want to play. Link is here if you're late, too.

1. Adam Duritz (writer and lead singer of Counting Crows) mentions previous girlfriends in songs. In Mrs. Potter's Lullaby he sings “There a little piece of Maria in every song I sing”. Is there a piece of an ex that will always be a part of you?

Well, of course. It's those kinds of experiences that shape us, right?

2. Who was your very first significant friend?

"Significant friend"?? I literally just snorted out loud. What is this, Nancy Drew? Anyway... that would be Mike Pickard. We 'went out' for about 24 hours before I dumped him. Then again for a few months, several years later.

3. What are four (4) things you hope to do this weekend?

The weekend's already over, so I'll list four things I did do: Drove to DC and did a dinner mystery shop at a cool Portuguese chicken place. Drove to Maryland that night and did a mystery shop at a hotel with super comfy beds. Woke up and drove back to DC for a bar and lunch mystery shop. Drove down the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia for a fourth mystery shop. Home, sweet home!

4. What do you consider to be the main purpose of your blog?

Annoying people with my super inane drivel. It must be working, because I have like 13 followers. LOL

5. Tell us something that you've never before written about in your blog because it's too personal.

Hello, you want me to reveal myself just like that? In a meme? Hm. There's not much I haven't told. Okay, I don't know if I have written this before, but maybe I have? I have a major 'thing' for black men. Sexy black men, though. They have to be fine. And intelligent. And doing something purposeful with their lives. And make me laugh. Don't know what it is, but I'm most attracted to men of the darker-skinned persuasion.

6. If you could choose your doctor, do you prefer someone of the same or opposite sex?

I really don't care, honestly. I used to only want women, but once you have kids, all modesty goes out the window, so it doesn't matter anymore.

7. If you could dream about anything tonight, what would the subject matter be?

Uh, something to do with #5, maybe? Heh heh. Sorry, Hubs. It's just a dream, after all...

8. How do you react to practical jokes when they're played on you?

I've been the victim of very few. Probably like most people: mad at first, until I get what's going on, and then I'd laugh my fool head off.

9. What's on your agenda after this weekend for the upcoming week?

Oh, golly. I'll try and be brief: Dentist appointments for all three kids and myself; Outdoor II (Camping) training for Girl Scouts (part one, anyway); co-op, of course, on Wednesday, where I teach 3 cooking classes; erm, ah, my phone is syncing, so I can't look at my calendar and remember the rest. I think I'm taking Older Daughter to the Ped Endocrinologist, too. She and my son don't grow. Oh, and we're having a Girl Scout meeting, with our Rededication (and one Investiture!) for our girls on Thursday. That, and homeschooling, pretty much fills the week. I know I've probably left out half a dozen things, but y'all stopped caring three answers ago, I'm guessing.

Have a super week!