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Advent Calendar, Year 2011

So, if you've been reading here since the beginning (four years now!), you should know that I like to make an Advent calendar for the kids every year, with a toy or candy and activity for each day. We used the matchbox one for two years, but it got ruined last year while we were traveling, so it is no more. I liked that one the best, but Jack insists that this year's is better (I disagree; I loved that derned box *sniff*, but I'll accept his opinion as the God's honest truth). Henceforth, I shall show you photos of this year's attempt at awesome Adventism:


First, I traced 8 large circles out of coordinating 12x12" scrapbook paper. I didn't have a circle template that large, and I couldn't print one out (my printer only prints 8½x11" sheets), so I used the lid of my crystal cake plate. Which may or may not now have ink on it. I haven't checked; it should wash off, though, right? Then, I cut each circle into thirds, using my keen eye for angles. Which is to say, I couldn't find a protractor, or I would've measured with that.


Then, with Rob's help, we hung up the cones, using cute little bitty clothespins from A.C. Moore (which, conveniently, came in a pack of 24), on some spare crochet thread. I really wanted all 24 on one garland, but it wasn't going to work out, and there just wasn't room for two strands of 12, so this lame-arse way was how it worked out. Eh. Whatever. It's not like I have to live with it forever. I can stand four weeks of this. Well, really, not that long, because I'll take down the top strand after the third of December. {End babble.}

I had double-sided taped the cones closed, but they wouldn't stay shut, so I totally stapled the heck out of them, oh, yes, I did! Normally I'm not a fan of such, oh, slap-dashery in my craftiness, but I was OVER IT by that point. I mean, really. Tape made for scrapbook paper not working? Color me bah humbugged about it. At least the tape did work for the numbers I one-inch-circle-punched out of beigy semi-matchy card stock. Humph.


I really didn't mind having Jack and Chloë (Sophia's been sound asleep on the couch for hours now) help me fill the cones with candy, since they were all with me when I bought it. Normally, I like for it to be a big secrety-secret surprise, but since the cones are low enough (and, in some cases, dipped forward), they can see in 'em anyway. When Soapy awakes, I'm going to make them do a repeat-after-me oath to not touch the contents until the day on which they are supposed to open them. Think it'll work? Me neither. One can make an attempt, however.


Since all three kiddos are now literate, and since I changed up some - if not most - of the Advent activities this year, I put those in myself. We do need to leave some things a surprise, after all.

And that, my dears, is that.