Friday Fragments
Good Things Of The Many (And The Mail)

Friday Steals and Deals

I didn't get to hit Target or the grocery stores yet, because time is short, so I'm a little "eek" about the fact that we don't have a turkey or most of the fixin's yet for Thanksgiving, but I have faith that it'll all come together in time. Anyway, last night, the fam and I ran around doing the deals at the stores o' drug. Ready? Yeah? Good. Here we go again:


Transaction #1:


I bought these probiotics because (a) I'm supposed to be taking them (aren't we all?) and (b) they're worth $22.99, were on sale for $15, and then shot back out $15 in Wellness +UP Rewards, so basically FREE!  I had a $15 +UP from last week, but I forgot to hand over that one first, so long story short, I paid $5.75 out of pocket after my other +UPs were scanned and then got back $15 for #2.

Transaction #2



The above is worth $75.51, but after sale prices and coupons, I paid just $6.61 OOP. I got back $16 in +UP Rewards and will get $4.99 in SCRs (visit Hip2Save for all my deal-savin' lingo, if you don't know it already!).

So overall, I spent $12.36 OOP at Rite Aid for $99.25 worth of merch, and after rewards and SCRs, my net spending is -$8.63. Yup, they paid me to get all of the above! Plus, those 17 bottles of nail polish and gum go into the Christmas gift bin. Not bad, hey?


Transaction #1


CVS was running a great deal: Spend $30 in select merchandise and get a $10 gift card in return. I saw the three Discovery Kids animated lamps, above, in the ad, and knew they would make perfect, fun night lights for the kiddos. At $9.99 each, though, I would fall 3¢ short of the $30 mark, so I added the Cottonelle to the transaction to make my $30, as it was part of the select merch. And we needed TP. And it was on sale and I had an MQ, so it was on my list anyway. SO! After sales and coupons, I spent $29.25 OOP for the above and got my $10 CVS (you could choose others, but it made sense to choose that, right?) GC back. I saved $11.90 on sales and coups, plus another $30 if you count the "value" of $19.99 marked on the lamps.

Transaction #2


The Ghiradelli bars will make great stocking stuffers - if'n I don't eat them first, but I definitely won't touch the raspberry ones, so those will go to Rob, because ew - and we needed everything else, above. After coupons, sales, ECBs and the GC from #1, my OOP was $32.74, and I got back $2 for the shaving cream in ECBs. Not my best "take," but I saved $55.30, so it was all right.

Total value of both transactions was $129.19; OOP was $61.99, for a net of $59.99 after the $2 back. Not bad, plus more for Christmas pressies!



I did all of the above in one transaction, because (a) the store was closing in 20 min, and (b) my $8 in Register Rewards had expired 4 days earlier. BOO! I'm going to see if I can't recoup my losses, but I'm not holding out too much hope for that.

Total value: $88.94, OOP was $22.13, for a net of $20.13 after the $2 RRs I got back for the Scunci clips, which, with the SpinBrushes, will make more great stocking stuffers. The veggies and sparkling grape juice will be great for the hollerdays, too. If I hadn't wasted those $8 RRs, my net woulda been just $12.13. Stink.

I'll be back after I do some other work (mystery shopping reports, emails, an' sech), with another post. Unless I fall asleep...