Friday Fragments
Sunday Stealing: Madness Meme, Part The First

Saturday 9: Melancholy Man


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1. Are you more melancholy on occasion?

Well, of course. Isn't everyone? Sometimes things bring me down, like the anniversary of peoples' deaths and stuff, and sometimes it's a factor of my BPD.

2. What did you think you looked like when you were a teenager?

Gawky and weird. And a little bit cute, on occasion.

3. Whose advice are you least likely to listen to?

It depends on the subject. Relationships, I ignore my dad, but financial advice, I'm calling him right up, for example!

4. Tell us about a job that you liked when you were younger.

It's silly, but I really loved being a grocery cashier. I really come out of my shell then and have good rapport with my customers. And I'm fast. And I'm a good bagger. You should come through my line. Unless I have low blood sugar; then, stay away. Oh, also, working at the dive shop was pretty kickass. Oh, and... I could go on. I've had a bunch of fun jobs over the years.

5. Would you lie to someone if you knew the truth would end your friendship or relationship?

Possibly. I don't know. Maybe.

6. What do you have little or no patience for?

People driving 20 in a 45-mph zone. DRIVE YOUR DAMN CAR or get off the road!!

7. What are there never enough hours in the day to do?

Laundry and other house-cleaning chores. And snuggle the kiddos.

8. What is the most productive thing that you accomplished in October?

Multiple trainings, ceremonies, meetings, and other Girl Scout-related things, maybe. I'm glad you gave me a whole month and not, say, today, because I have hardly done anything today. :P

9. What have you always wanted to learn but haven't yet?

Entrelac knitting. Japanese. Why bad things happen to good people.  How to small talk with idiotic imbeciles.

On that note, happy weekend!