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Friday Fragments

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I haven't been doing a whole lot around the house, but that's because (1) I'm lazy, (2) I've had lots of migraine and headaches lately myself, and (3) I've been anxious to the extreme, which generally leaves me attending to those things that soothe me in lieu of those that stress me out further. In other words, I've been in the craft room a lot, makin' stuff.

Lucky Stars

So I made bunches (at least 325) of lucky stars (my Etsy link), for my three pals, aka the Turtles (don't ask; I won't tell, anyway). It started off just being the first jar, above, for Jenny from the Block, because she and her Hubs are buying a house soon, and then her godson, P, was born with a potentially fatal disease. I made them amidst all the praying that ensued, to bring her and hers good fortune. You know, just for cute and fun and to be thoughtfullish. (Turns out, Baby does not have said disease, which is awesome!!) But then I was on a lucky star kick, so I made a batch for Turtle Donny and another one for Turtle Ralph, because, hey, I want all my girls to have good fortune, right? We delivered those, and a portrait of the four of our families (sans daddies) at Hunt Club Farm last month ('cept I added the words "Turtle Power!" in the upper corner, 'cause I'm a dork like that) for each of the moms and each of their combined 13, yes, 13 kiddos, and one more thing I'll show you momentarily, Wednesday night. I just felt like getting out of the house. The latter two turtles do not live close to JFTB and me, but I wanted to see 'em, so it was worth it.

004 (3)

This is the other thing I had to deliver, to the 2nd turtlette of Ralph, which I made for her to give as a Christmas present to turtlette #7, her youngest sibling (-ette meaning kid, not female kid, because 3 of those 7 are male. Just sayin'). I hadn't made a tutu in ages, so I had to make a fun craft store trip. I was glad to do it, though, because the turtlette in question (#2, that is) was the one who voluntarily (as in, without pay) helped me from 0500 to 1700 last weekend at a vendor/craft fair where we sold exactly ONE Jafra order. ANYway.

So that was fun, and in return, JFTB, aka Turtle Leo, gave each of us our IKEA presents, from her recent trip to points slightly north: a microwave dish cover to prevent splatters like this one, a big ol' blue IKEA shopping bag, and something I've always wanted, an old lady shopping cart thingy!! (No offense to any old ladies out there. That's just how JFTB called it, and, well, she's gotta point. Plus that makes me an old lady now, too, doesn't it??) It's as chic as anything called "old lady cart" can be, and I lurve it. Now I just need to find an excuse to use it!



I've worked a little more on the origami ornament project, making this star (and learning, by the way, in the process, that one should not do origami with super-thick glittery scrapbooking paper. There is a reason, after all, most kami is so thin!),


this Kalami Star (why, yes, it does match this year's Advent calendar garland-thingy; imagine that), and,


this Twirled Flower, which, in retrospect, turned out to be better in theory than in practice as an ornament, because it slides apart very easily. Maybe if I dip the whole darned thing in glue...

More to come on the origami front, I'm sure.






So I just lost half my post and am totally annoyed. I don't feel like retyping. Maybe later. BAH!!!