Sunday Stealing: Meme For Bud
Friday Fragments

Aloha Friday


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So I've been taking pictures of my cats this week, being cute... three of the four, anyway. The last, Star, is camera-shy. Here are some:


This is Cupcake, curled up in my Inbox...


... and this is her twin sister Muffin, sleeping in my Outbox! So cute, right??


And finally, here's chubby Tinkerbell peering into my open craft cabinet while Cupcake looks out at her (see her up there??)... It just struck me as funny.

So anyway, my question for you this week is:

Do you have pets? And if so, do you ever photograph them being cute, or is that not your thing so much?

Obviously, I do, but really not that much...

Anyway, have a great weekend!