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Bzz, Bzz: Truly Awesome - Or Are They?


Disclosure: I received product and coupons from BzzAgent in exchange for my Bzzzzzzzz.... All opinions are my own, whether they like 'em or not!

Oops, I'm lax on my cookie-reporting post, which was due, oh, a month ago or so... But since we've been busy and various ones of us have been sick, I think you'll excuse us, right?

So anyhow, anyways, BzzAgent sent me two boxes of Kroger's "The ^Truly^ Awesome homestyle chocolate chip cookie" to try out with my friends, loved ones, and the President. Obama declined to indulge, and I declined to invite my friends, so my family of five made like a pen of piggies and scarfed down the entire two boxes in the space of an evening. Maybe it was two evenings, but you get the point: We did not share a single morsel, and I seem to remember one of us (please, God, don't let it be me) diving for a dropped chocolate chip before it hit the floor. 87-second rule and all. (You may have heard it as the five-second rule, but it increases exponentially with the amount of kids and pets you have, contrary to what it should be. A little-known fact.)

All that being said, our opinions on the cookies were slightly different. The three kids all gave them two thumbs up, but c'mon. I could've crapped on a cracker, called it a cookie, and they would have licked their lips and begged for more. They're kids. Kids are gross. So their opinions don't count for much here.

Which brings me to Rob (where's the Facebook linkage thingy when I need it?) and myself: Rob was all questioning the homestyle-ness of these cookies, which we both agreed were quite good, so he voiced his pondering aloud to the Missus (me, hello), and I was all, "Um, no. I've had homemade cookies. I've made kick-ass homemade cookies, and these are clearly store-bought-tasting cookies." He was all, "Really? You think so?" And I was all, "Yeah." He's still on the fence. I left him there. I think he likes the feeling.

In the end, would I rush right out and buy a box if I were craving some chocolate chip cookies but didn't want to bake them? No. I'd pick Pepperidge Farm ones, or even Entenmann's, first, unless Kroger was right around the corner from me. And then I miiiiight consider. Would I turn them down if you shoved one in my face, or gave me coupons for another free box or two? Nah. They were good enough, but Truly Awesome? This reviewer has to say not only "no," but "um, no, again."

And there you have it.

So... if you've had them, or ever try them, please tell me what you think. I am literally dying to know.