A Brief Stroll Down Memory Lane
Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Let me preface this post by saying that I have been really, really sick for two weeks now, with tests still pending to figure out exactly what sort of microbe is causing my delirium. I've been tired, and I've been so weak and dizzy that I have bruises all over from the falling and  tripping I've been doing. It has not been a fun time for me, and as such, we hardly did any of our usual Christmas traditions. I didn't bake a single cookie, I wasn't up to going to the Christmas Eve service I so adore at church (or the Lights on the Beach, but at least Rob and the kids got to go), and we didn't even put up our tree or hang the stockings!! So, we sat in my office/craft room where I had all the presents stacked to open presents, and I used gift bags instead of their stockings. The upside, though, is that the kids still had an awesome Christmas and, as is their custom, all have proclaimed it "The Best Christmas Ever."


On to the pictures an' sech.


Sophia, Chloë, and Jack, about to open their "stockings"


Each of them got something different this year. The girls' were pretty similar, yet different, while Jack got completely different stuff. No rhyme or reason for it, really. They had a good time digging through and discovering!


As opposed to years past, I greatly limited the sweet treats I put in their "stockings." Nevertheless, Sophia gobbled piece after piece, true to form. This is her reaction to me calling her out on it!


Jack, a little excited about his Chiclets-like gum, I think!

After they finished going through their stockings, I had one present I wanted them to open last night. But first, I sent the kiddos upstairs to take a bath, so they were nice and squeaky-clean for it.


New pajamas for Christmas! This hasn't been a tradition of ours, but I found a deal and wanted to partake. I got a 4T for Jack, which is the size he's currently wearing in ALL his other clothes, yet they were way too small. I tried to hike them up on him, and this was his hysterical (to me) reaction! Haha. Poor kid. I know he was disappointed, but he gamely went and put on a pair of PJs he already owned.


I absolutly adore this picture of my girls, sharing a nice sisterly moment in their new jammies, which, crazily enough, ran BIG for their usual sizes. (Ugh, Old Navy. Ugh.) The socks were from their stockings, and the bow in Sophie's hair was a bow I made from a magazine page that topped the jammies box.


Rob and I got new jammie pants, too - I think this is the first pair of PJs that Rob has owned in his adult life! I think they look so cute on him! He even broke out the slippers I gave him on our first married Christmas, to complete the look (after this picture was taken). He rarely wears them, so it gave me a wee giggle.

No pictures of my jammies, but basically they're just a tank top and sweat pants. I'm all about the comfy right now!

I shall return shortly with pictures from today, Christmas Day.

Merry, merry!