Aloha Friday
Saturday 9: Sam's Last Stand, 2011

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments

Link up with Mrs. 4444 if you're playing along today.

I really only have one fragment this week: I'm still sick. It's going on three full weeks of this illness, of which I'm sure you don't want the gory details (think, intestinal blah), and I am weak and useless. I've shed many tears and am feeling quite weary, both physically and mentally. As such, it takes everything I've got just to get through the days, and I haven't been doing a whole bunch with the family. I got a brief reprieve (thank you, God) on Christmas and had a pretty decent day, but otherwise, sickkkkk.

On that note, and really, that's all there is for me, I wish you all the very best that 2012 can bring.