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What I Almost Lost


The other day, Sophia wrote this on my desk. "*♥DeAr mom I ♥ You ♥*," and I was mad. If you look carefully, you can see where she previously etched her name above the word "dear," too. That, I can't erase, but I was just sitting here knitting, thinking to myself that the next time I run across one of the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers I have in various places around the house, I'll give that a good scrub to get rid of it.

And then I mused, and pondered, and thought, well, why?

My six-year-old loves me, and she wrote it down, and if you look at the stupid desk, it's obviously been weathered and worn by time anyway... and what matters is that my baby loves me.

I hope I remember never to undo that.