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Bzz, Bzz: Kroger Private Selection Foods

Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent, which means that I was provided with coupons for free products to sample this brand, in exchange for sharing my opinions with all of you. My opinions are, as always, my own. No monetary exchange took place for this campaign.


So... once again, I'm late on reporting for a Bzz Campaign, since it officially ended yesterday. Whoops! But we just redeemed the coupons I received earlier this week, so technically my report isn't coming that long after we actually tried the food.  Anyhoo...


The first item for which we received a coupon was any Private Selection - an exclusive Kroger brand - pizza. Little did we know how hifalutin this brand actually was, and "cheese" was not an option. We worried: would the kids eat it? Would they like it?



We opted for the Fire Roasted Vegetable pizza, and it turned out to be really delicious. Even the kids thought so, except for the peppers. But c'mon, peppers. I'm 35 years old and am still iffy on them, so it wasn't surprising they picked them off (I didn't, go me). In all, the pizza was delicious, and I would definitely buy this item again if it went on special.


We also received a coupon for a free Private Selection appetizer, and we chose this Petite Quiche collection. Those were gobbled down fast, as we all had a favorite or two of the three different kinds included in the collection. Delicious!


For dessert, we opted to go for the Belgian Chocolate Lava Cakes. I didn't get one, because it would make me sick to eat (more on that later!), so there were enough for Rob and each of the kids (four per box). They engulfed them enthusiastically, and all had raves about the cakes. Another win for Private Selection!


We had a few more $2 off coupons to share, but we ended up just using them ourselves before they expired. So we opted for these Chocolate Croissants. You were supposed to do all kinds of prep to cook these properly, but we just microwaved them out of impatience. Now, I'm sure they would have been fabulous if we'd cooked them correctly, but they were pretty darn good that way, too!


Another dessert, which only came with two, so the kids shared those, were the Apple Cobbler bowls. They gobbled those down like they were going out of style. Really, can Private Selection make a mis-step? I'm starting to think not.


This set of appetizers came with triangular mushroom-stuffed goodness for Rob, and I ate the feta-and-spinach thingies and the cylindrical other thingies. I don't remember what they were called, but all of them were so yum! If you find these in a Kroger-brand store, you can rest assured that they, too, will be delicioso.

Finally, we tried a flan-like dessert with berries and, I think, peaches in it - one each for Rob and for me. I ate my entire thing and threatened to eat his, too, which was a big mistake, gastric bypass-ly speaking, because I ended up rolfing it up four times. That was not fun, but you know what? Even that darn thing was worth the pain and hassle! I can't find a picture of that on Google and had camnesia while we were eating all our Private Selection-y goodness this week.

The bottom line is, you can find these items and more at your local Kroger, Gerbes, and other Kroger-branded stores, and each one was better than the last, in our collective opinion. Should you try it? Absolutely. Especially if/when they go on sale! Let me know what you think if you do!