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Christmas Continues With Crafts And...Stuff.

Eleven Years Out Of My Life


OMG. I never blogged that it was our 11th anniversary?! Thufferin' thuccotash! That was a week ago tomorrow, now. Sophia took this picture of us on that day. The sun was in our eyes, and my hair is in a very awkward-growing out phase, so it's not ideal, but hey, she's six and we're not Brangelina, here.  I made a super-awesome video for him (15 minutes long, I might add) that made the man-person tear up a little (shh, don't say I told), but I can't upload it to YouTube or Vimeo 'cause of copyright reasons. But I could email it to you if you wanna see it. Just ask. It's cute and stuff.

Anyway. Eleven. Have we had our share of problems? You bet. Are we still madly in love with each other? You better believe it.


Here's to eleven more!