Aloha Friday
Sunday Stealing: Never-Ending Meme, Parte Fin

Saturday 9: Home


Bublé's so cute, isn't he? Anyway, linky here if you're playing along this week!

1. Do you live close to where you grew up? Why?

Hell naw. It's COLD there and Evil Incarnate abides there, still. No, thank you, as God is my witness, I will never live back in Syracuse again.
2. Have you ever been so angry that you almost lost control?

Almost? Yeah, uh, almost. Right. That's the word.

3. Are you a fan of a musical act that slightly embarrasses you?
Well, I like Lady Gaga and LMFAO, but I'm okay with that.
4. Is there a movie that always makes you cry?

Yeah, Steel Magnolias. Still ♥ it though.
5. Who is the most famous person that you've met?
Dave Barry, who is nerdy but awesome, like you'd expect.
6. Before you leave your home, what must you have?

Keys. Kids, usually. Clothes are a positive. Diet Coke. Chapstick. And last but definitely not least, the iPhone.

7. What do you miss the most about being a kid?

My awesome grandparents and being geographically close to my big sis.
8. Tell us about a passion of yours that your readers would not expect.

Picking Sophia (my 6yo daughter's) easily peelable nail layers. I do it every chance I get. She lets me, albeit reluctantly. I LOVE doing that. Weird, huh? 

9. At what age do you think you'd be to think, “I've had a great run”?
64, of course. My favorite number!