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This Week's Steals & Deals

I'm going to keep this short (ish), so if you want the details on anything, feel free to leave me a comment, and I'll be sure and help you out. See previous posts in this category for the lingo I use. As always, muchisimas gracias to Collin at Hip2Save for her help in putting my deals together!

Rite Aid

Rite Aid #1 Rite Aid #2

You can see my totals if you click to embiggerate the pictures, but I'll give you a few more details: These deals were purchased in two days, because in the top picture from Tuesday, I left the house with barely over a buck-fifty! I still managed to snag all that, basically paying only tax, so I did okay, eh? Overall:

I did three total transactions. My actual OOP was $3.86 for the above (yep, that's all I spent!) for $150.89' worth of merchandise. Plus, I'll get $15 back in rebates, and I received $18 in +UP rewards. NET for over $150xx = -29.14! Pretty good week at Rite Aid, I'd say!

Oh, wait, add another $4 to that NET (well, subtract, I suppose, for a total of -33.14, because I'm going to get a gift card in the mail for a coupon they refused to accept, since Rite Aid employees I encounter in this area are NOT well-versed in their coupon policy, and I had to call corporate. Ugh. But hey, I'll get it back regardless.)

(Note: All of that candy and gum goes in a lockbox, for special treats, occasions and yes, rewards; we don't load the kids up on all that junk all the time! Almost all of it I buy because it's either (a) free, (b) a moneymaker, or (c) a "filler" item to meet my coupon:item ratios, which you can read more about on Collin's site. Or ask me, whatevs.)



Hehe. Lame, I know, but I took the pictures, put away the groceries, and then uploaded the photos to find out the CVS one(s) had disappeared. What the?! I wasn't going to unpack everything from the fridge and pantry, so you can see what I purchased in the list above.

Deets: Single transaction, OOP $23.24 for $84.85' worth of goods, getting $16.99 back. For all that, I spent $6.25. Not negative, but when you add the three drug stores together, I still come out ahead. ;)




Details: (4) separate transactions. Why? Because if you buy something that generates Register Rewards, it will only print ONE RR for ONE of the items/deals, and I wanted at least four of those Flurry protein bars, there. The Butterfingers were used as filler items so I could use a $2 RR from last week to buy two of them in two separate transactions. Okay, so Rob could: I sent him up front to do the first two trans. while I kept shopping. He was all, "I don't have to do "deals," do I?" I was like, "Um, yeah! But you can do it!" And I kept it simple, and he did great. Anyway, the rest of the deets:

OOP spent: $15.39 for $83.83' worth of merch, and I got back $23 in RRs. NET total: -$7.61! Sweet. Could've gotten LOTS more at Wags, but they were out of a lot of my 'deal' things. I may or may not try again before the week is up; we'll see how I feel when I'm out & about.



I haven't been doing big Target runs in a while, because we simply haven't had the money (I've been doing a lot of Schwan's lately for groceries), but I had two weeks' worth of deals worked out, and I wanted something to show for it, dang it! Obviously, that there is a lot of stuff, and it's hard to see all of it, so the totals are going to be higher than for the drug stores. Especially since Tar-jay rarely kicks back money into my hands for the following week, like ECBs, RRs, and +UPs. (Love those!)

Details: (1) transaction; spent $183.82 OOP with $94.09 in coupons, and I should've gotten about $5 more that he didn't ring up... but I don't have the time or energy to go back and haggle over it. I should call and all that, but really, Target is getting less and less coupon-friendly, and I don't want to get known as a trouble-maker there for that, know what I mean?  Still, saving almost a hundred bucks isn't bad, especially considering all I was able to get.

Anyone need some mustard? :P

So that's it... good luck with your deals, smart shoppers!