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Happy Birthday, Build-A-Bear!


Are you a fan of Build-A-Bear Workshop? I don't mean on Facbook or Twitter, although you can certainly find them there. I mean the bricks-and-mortar store where you can fluff your own furry friend, add all kinds of accoutrement, and have a blast!

For my daughter Sophia's fourth birthday, we went to Build-A-Bear and got each of our three kids their first BABW friends. They had so much fun picking out their special stuffed animals, deciding what to add, filling them with the fluffy stuff, and choosing outfits. They even "bathed" them during the trip. They got to name their animals and can even play online with them. I have yet to create one for myself, but I think I will, since stuffed animals have always been something I've enjoyed. My favorite one right now is the big teddy bear Rob gave me when he proposed to me, knowing that I like to cuddle up with one when I sleep. And I do, with that one, as I have for the last eleven years, since it's so special to me.

Anyway, Build-a-Bear Workshop is celebrating two major milestones this year: their 15th birthday on October 27th, and sellng their 100 millionth best friend! 100 MILLION!  In honor of their birthday and helping create 100 million best friends, Build-A-Bear Workshop wants to spread the word that Friends Count! Whether your best friend is one of your longtime gal pals, your spouse, your pet, or even your teddy bear, we can all agree that our friends have made our lives so much better.

So please, go ahead and leave me a comment below about one of your friends - furry or otherwise - and why they're important to you.

Disclosure: In exchange for this post, I was entered to win a Build-a-Bear Workshop gift card. All opinions are, and always will be, my own.