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Sunday Stealing: The 99'er Meme, Part The Third

Saturday 9: Indian Reservation


Happy Saturday! Link up here if you're playing along with Crazy Sam & crew today!

1. Do you enjoy going to a casino now and again?
Nope. Totally not my thing. I've been to Vegas, and gambled a little bit, but it was all on someone else's dime. Oh, and I've played the slot machines in Atlantic City and on cruises, but still, just a waste of money IMO.

2. What makes you happy most of the time?

You know the saying, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy?" or other variations? Well, that's true... but THIS Mama is generally happy WHEN everyone (the kids and Hubs, that is) else is happy and enjoying themselves. If we're doing something, and they're all smiling and having a great time, it puts me in a fantastic mood. :)
3. Are you jealous of someone right now?

Yeah, anyone who doesn't have to pay $65 to fill their gas tank!

4. You're stranded on a desert island with one fictional character. Who is it? Why?

My mind is a total blank. It really doesn't matter anyway, because it's an impossibility, so :P/

5. Have you ever been in the emergency room? If yes, for what (most recently)?

Pfft. I recently got two letters from our insurance company about HOW MUCH we use the emergency room. Seriously, my family is accident-prone out the wazoo, and we LIVE there. Let's see, my last visit was for... well, TMI, but excessive diarrhea for 3 weeks. I had to get a saline IV or three.


6. Where is the last place you drove to just for fun?

I can't afford to do that! I drove a big honkin' minivan and can't afford to fill the tank for joyrides. Now if I drove a cute little Mazda Miata or a Smart For Two, that would be a different story...

7. If you were to make your living as a photographer, what would love to shoot?
Pictures, I think.


8. Tell us about a band you like that we might not have heard.

I ♥ Vampire Weekend. You know them?

9. Where was the last place you went shopping? Why?

I was just at Wendy's tonight, going through the drive-thru for dinner for a friend who was at work. He paid, I didn't, but he didn't have time to go there on his own. Small favors, you know, they add up.
 Anyway, y'all go out there and have yourselves a great weekend!