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CVS Steals & Deals 3.4.12

WOW! Thanks to the help I got from, as usual, Collin over at Hip2Save in putting my deals together, I had an awesome trip to CVS tonight! I haven't posted my deals in a while - just too busy - but I thought I'd share this week since I need to stay up for a while anyway. I'll do the rest of the deals after we shop tomorrow.

I did the CVS deals in two transactions. Here's the breakdown:

Transaction #1:


(Sorry for my messy office; it's kind of in flux right now!) Anyway, going into this transaction, I had $40.79 in ECBs from last week's deals, another $5 ECB printed at the Magic Coupon Machine (MCM) for meeting the Beauty Club $50 limit, and I had another two $5 gift card rewards from the Viggle app (love that!). I also had a gift card, but I forgot about it, so I have it for next time... ah, well.


*Two bags of Purina ONE cat food for $8.49 each, with two $1 MQs, PLUS 10 cans of Purina Friskies cat food on sale 10/$4.50 = $21.48 (minus the $2 Qs) -> this SHOULD have generated a $5 ECB for next time, but it didn't, so I have to call and have that added to my loyalty card. ( I just noticed, or I would've had it printed at the store.)

*14 packs of CVS Toddler Wipes @ $1.49 each + 4 packs of CVS Soft Cloths Supreme @ $2.67 each = $31.54 OOP -> this generated $10 ECB for next time, for spending $15 x 2 in CVS products

*Two individual Snickers Eggs @ 50¢ each, minus (yet another) 25¢ SQ that printed from the MCM = 2 x 38¢

*One bag of Gold Emblem 7-oz jelly beans @ 99¢ -> generated 99¢ ECB for next time

*One 24-ct Zantac 150 @ $7.99, minus $5 MQ -> generated $2 ECB for next time

*Four Febreze Noticeables Refills @ $5.79 each, minus B3G1 FREE sale, PLUS four Febreze Noticeables Warmers @ $3.59 each, minus four Buy Refill Get Warmer FREE MQs 

*Two Colgate 3-ct Value Pack @ $4.79 each -> did NOT generate $3 ECB each, but they should have per the ad description, so I argued the point and got my awesome cashier to print them out for next time =)

TOTAL OOP after all sales, MQs, ECBs, etc. = $7.88, with $18.99 ECB generated (and another $5 missing)!

Transaction #2:




*Two 64-oz Welch's Cherry blend juices @ $4.79 each, minus B1G1 FREE sale & two $1 MQs = $1.40 each

*One "convenience pack" Oreo Double Stuf @ $1.50, minus $1.50 SQ from the MCM = FREE

*Two Olay facial cleansing wipes packs @ $3.99 each, minus $3/2 MQ, PLUS two Olay Body Wash @ $6.99 each, minus two B1 cleanser G1 body wash FREE MQs that somehow each took off $9.49 without beepage (!!!) = 2¢ moneymaker! AND -> generated $2 ECB for next time, AND I'm going to put this $21.96 toward the $15/$50 P&G Mail-in Rebate! Sweet deal!!

*Three Kashi GoLean bars @ $1.77 each, minus B2G1 FREE sale, minus $1 MQ = 85¢ each

After sales, MQs & SQs, and $5.99 ECB from Trans #1, my OOP was 53¢!


Total OOP: $8.41, I still have $15 in ECB for next time (plus the $5 I have coming to me) and the forgotten CVS gift card, with a good chunk toward my PG MIR... and $159.13 in savings.

Best part? I checked out from 11:40-11:55 PM (gotta love a 24-hr CVS), originally did everything in one transaction and realized I didn't have enough $$ on me to cover it when she totalled my order, and we had to split it into the above two transactions so I could use ECB from #1 for #2... and my cashier was sweet as pie, didn't give me crap about it, and thought it was awesome I saved so much money.

Yeah. I love CVS.