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Saturday 9: Forget You


First, let me just say that I have this whole album, and I have listened to it a bajillion times. Cee Lo's voice is like buttah, and the songs are swell, too. Totally worth every penny.  Anyhoo, link up here if you're playing along today!

Saturday 9: Forget You

1. Have you ever felt that you needed to just forget an ex-lover?

Of course. The guy before Hubs. He's probably the ONE bf I regret completely. What a waste of two years of my life! UGH. To think I almost married that... piece of crap.

2. Spring picnics and cookouts are here! What would you want to have on your plate as you head back to the table?

Chicken, but not BBQ. I hate BBQ and also blackened meat. (Sorry, Missouri-bred husband o' mine.) Something tender and juicy. I like corn, but I always cut it off the cob, because I can't stand stuff getting stuck in my teeth. I've been doing that since my braces days, way back when. And... deviled eggs. With paprika, natch.

3. It's St. Patrick's Day, March 17th! Do you celebrate? Drink Green Beer? Go out?

Normally, no. Never, ever. For one thing, I'm not Irish; for another, I have not-so-pleasant memories of TBFH (ex-stepmother) putting the four of us girls in matching green shirts and white pants, with green carnations pinned to our shirts, and having to go to school like that. And yes, of course I thought about changing or at least ripping off the flower when I got to the bus, but my step-sisters would've thrown me under the bus. Possibly literally.

However, we are having a St. Pat's Day-themed birthday party for my son today, as he's turning 9 on the 22nd and my very-Irish friends are hosting it at their house for us. However, we're having Italian food and Corona instead of Guiness, so, you know. It's all good.

4. Did you remember to wear green today?

I'll probably wear my U. Miami outfit, and there's green in that. I'll try to find green stuffs for the kiddos to wear. If it doesn't happen, my heart won't break or anything.

5. What phrase or saying do you over use?

"Totally." "Awesome." "Totally awesome." Okay, not really on that last one. Right now I'm digging on "totes" for "totally," though you can only say it once or twice before people start reminding you how old you actually are...

6. If you could (or could have) change(d) something about your relationship with your parents, what would it be?

Oh, God. I'd change everything about my relationship with my dad growing up. I was the "yes, Daddy, okay, Daddy, anything you say, Daddy" kid growing up, and it's still VERY hard and painful for me to stand up to him. But more and more, little by little, I'm doing it, and I'm extremely proud of that. I have lots of Daddy issues. We really don't need to get into all that, but suffice it to say I had everything I could have possibly wanted or needed growing up - except love, comfort, and safety. I've been looking for it in all the wrong places ever since.  And of course, I'd change my mom dying when I was 7 to still being alive and well today. Otherwise, I've put my mom up on this Pedestal of Perfection, and I don't like to hear about what faults she may have had. She was totes awesome.

7. If the NCAA Men's or Women's Final Four basketball tournament was played in your hometown arena or within easy driving distance from where you live, would you try to attend one of the games?

Not unless UM was playing, and then hell yeah!

8. No matter what's going on in your life, what always makes you smile?

The silly-smart things my kids say. I love hearing the incredible thoughts that rattle around in their young brains. So intelligent, but so screwy sometimes!

9. We've asked this before: What else is on your mind? Go ahead and rant.

Right this VERY second, it's the fact that I just singed my right hand pulling Jack (son's) cupcakes out of the oven, and my hand is on FIRE. I do that every freakin' time. I iron myself every time, too. I'm, like, one big scar and stuff.

Well, y'all have a great weekend. Don't drink and drive, m'kay?