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Product Review: Depend Silhouette For Women Briefs - Oh Yes, I Did That!


Never let it be said that I'm not a little zany. Some may say "crazy," but I prefer zany.

Anyway, I got a three-pack of these for free a little while back, and since I occasionally, well, leak when I laugh and sneeze and generally really need to pee (yeah, so? I had four kids in 3½ years, dammit!), I figured I'd give these babies a go. I wear about a size 6, give or take a size depending on make and manufacturer, so I got the small/medium size.

Well, the first problem was, they were HUMONGOUS on me. HUGE. So if they made an XS, I'd try that and report back, but I don't think they do. I'm going to get my friend Jenny From the Block to try them out, too, and see how they work for her.

Anyway, so I got my big ol' bladder nice and full, pulled on a pair of these Silhouettes, sat down on the living room floor, and... yeah. I did it. I peed my pants. Totes on purpose. Sitting on my laminate-wooden living room floor.

And they leaked like CRAZY. Rob thinks they would've worked better if they fit better, and he may be right, but I think the liter-plus of wizzy I put in them was just entirely too much. No lie, I can hold more than a liter at a time. Believe me, I've measured it.

So I had a huge puddle to clean up, and weewee all over my lower half, to boot.

To sum it up: If you're going to try these, make sure that you go down a size than you would normally buy. Although I have it on good authority that the Tena brand is better. I have some of those, too. Should I let you know whether I concur?


P.S. I thoroughly laughed my ass off while doing this. Yes, I had fun. And no, I didn't poop my pants. You've gotta draw the line somewhere, y'know.