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Saturday 9: I Must Be Seeing Things


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Saturday 9: I Must Be Seeing Things

1. Have you ever watched something unfold, that as you watched, you could not believe what you've witnessed?

Of course. 9/11 comes to mind, but other things to, sure. Princess Di's death (not that I witnessed these things, per se, but you know, on the news), JFK Jr's crash, the Challenger Explosion when I was a kid... now that I did see happen live on TV.

2. What is your favorite city in the world? Why?

I love big cities, so that's a tough one for me. Miami and NYC are probably tied for my favorite American cities, but I haven't been to them all yet, and I haven't been in L.A. long or often enough to claim that one... Overseas, Barcelona and Madrid were favorites, and Venice was amazing, as was Rome... I don't know. I'd have to say of all the places I've ever been, maybe New York. Hey, it never sleeps, like me!

3. What is the strangest film, to your sense of reality, that you have ever seen?

A Spanish-language film, Talk to Her, is the first thing that popped into my head. 

4. It seems that the older that you get, the less you want the hassle of seeing a live concert. Who is an artist or a band that you'd actually pay to see?

I guess I haven't reached that point yet, because I love going to shows. There are a lot I'd pay to see, but Clapton tops the list. Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and Madonna are somewhere on that list, too, which isn't exhaustive. The most fun concert, or at least most unusual, was Blue Man Group. That was crazy!

5. When was the last time that you lost your temper?

I'm about to. My kids are refusing to clean up their messes in the living room so I can hide their Easter baskets for tomorrow morning, and it's driving me up a wall!

6. When you were little, did you think "sex" was a bad word?

Not so much a bad word, but I was embarrassed by it.

7. What does your smart phone do that really surprised you when you loaded the app?

Nothing, anymore. I've had it a few years, so it's hard to say. At first everything was so amazing. I love my iPhone!

8. Have you ever been attracted to someone that you should not have been? (Feel free to take this lame question any way that you please.)

No, not in my mind! You can't help to whom you're attracted, so unless you're a pedophile or something,.. well, I'm not!

9. Will you see the new "The Three Stooges" film?

Uh, no. Why should I?

Have a great weekend, y'all!