Saturday 9: Touch Me In The Morning
In Which I've Been Unwell

Saturday 9: Self Esteem


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Saturday 9: Self Esteem

1. How was your self esteem growing up?
It's never been very high, but it was especially low as a kid.
2. Do you ever have a hard time with morals?
Sure, I've come up against some situations that make me stumble, in that regard. Yes.
3. Do you eat in bed? If yes, what?
Occasionally, and if I do, I suppose it's whatever I'm in the mood for.
4. What was the last movie you hated and why?
I rarely hate a movie, so I can't even really think of a recent one. I took my oldest to see the Pirates movie that Hugh Grant had a vocal role in, a few weeks ago, and I was so very bored for the first half. That's unusual. It got better, but it wasn't great. (They had me when Chuck Darwin came on the scene, but I didn't love the way he was portrayed!)
5. Have you ever felt that you lost it all? If yes, explain.
Hmm. Mentally lost my shit? Yes, I have. But lost it all, as in hit rock-bottom? I don't think so, no.
6. Have you ever been stalked?
Yes, I have. The most frustrating part of that is the authorities' refusal/inability to act until you're harmed. I was harmed, though, and to be completely honest, I still have my bad-daydream-fantasy-thing that he's going to show up at my door and shoot me.
7. Do you believe in 'self help' for problems, or do you prefer therapy?
I'm in therapy, and it's great - because I've found an excellent care provider. I've been with 'bad' therapists, so I think it completely depends. I don't think this should be an either/or question, though. Why can't one do both?
8. What celebrity do you think should make a run for office?
Ayyyy, uh, um.... no?
9. Do you believe in happy endings? (We do. That's why this is the last question!)
Of course. I'm the eternal optimist, right here.