Wordless Wednesday: Tent City In My Living Room, & More
Aloha Friday

Wordless Wednesday: Seen Around Town

Again, link up at 5mfm if you're wordless (or not!) today. I've been photographing license plates we're driving (or stopping, as it were) behind; here are a bunch that I've managed to snag:

001 (2)

You're With Us - who is, I wonder?

001 (3)

Just Sew - all right, then. I'll get right on it!

001 (4)

Harder to see, but it has a cat on the left and says, "MEOOOW." I wonder how many she has...

001 (6)

Akita For You - Obviously, judging from all the other décor on this one, this person is very much into rescuing the breed. Well, good for them!


Weighed - what, exactly? This one leaves me quite confused.


Too Legit - Really? We're still saying that?

002 (2)

This person LOOOOOOOVES the Outer Banks (of NC): I agree; it's great to visit. I don't know that I'd put it on my plate, though...

002 (3)

Tippin' Toe, here, has me thinking there's a dancer inside the Jeep, but who knows?


All is Well - and I'm glad to hear it!


Never Again, insists this driver. What's s/he refusing to do? Maybe s/he got the car in the divorce. :| Oh, or maybe it's meaningful on a grander scale. Whatcha think?


Euphemism - But what is? Where? Please, I can't be left hanging like that.


ARRRRR, Matey! I've shown this one before, but it bears repeating. Or not, whatevs.

008 (2)

To Insure You - Are you my agent?


My GS3 - Such overt pride in one's vehicles is... lamesauce, IMHO. But then, I don't drive a Lexus!


We Surf - but where are the boards? Guess there were no waves that day.


Beach Boy is my kinda dude. I'm right there with ya, pal!


Superior is, hopefully, their company name and not their general attitude.

And last, but not least, a little something different:


Alf! On the back of this big, honkin'... thingamabob. I love it.

Happy Wednesday!