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Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments

Link the selves up here if you're fragmenting this weekend!

Whew! What a week it's been! I don't even know where this week - nay, this month - has gone! Has June flown by for y'all, too?

So I finally went to the ER on Wednesday for the wrist I sprained, oh, a month ago. It's been hurting plenty, sure, but I simply have not had time to go to the doctor about it. Finally it got to the point this week where I couldn't even pick up a slip of paper without wincing, so we headed in. I was kind of surprised by my "beautiful x-rays" that showed no fracture, it hurt(s) so bad, but I did get a nice wrist brace out of the deal. Forgive any typos I miss, by the way. It's hard typing in a brace.

So I should probably post a "You know you've moved to the ghetto when..." entry, but I don't want to offend my entire 'hood readership. I'm sayin', though. GHETTO. CITY. My friend Mommy of Many keeps reminding me that it's only temporary... and really, I don't mind. Mostly, stuff just makes me laugh and/or shake my head.

And no, 4 weeks later, we still haven't finished moving. Our furniture is still at the old house. Don't ask. I'm peevish about it.

The kids and I are headed up to New York (state) tomorrow morning, for a long mystery shopping weekend I can't really share much about at this point. We're going to see my sister's family, too, which is the whole reason I took the shops. So excited!! It's been a year and a half, according to her; I haven't done the math, but that's entirely too long!

Hubs isn't going with us, since his convalescent leave ends tomorrow and he has to head back to work. I'm nervous, because he'll be riding the motorcycle and hasn't attempted that since surgery. Send prayers and good thoughts his way, if you would, please! Fortunately, I'll still be in town by the time he gets to work, assuming everything goes according to plan, so I'll have that much peace of mind, anyway.

As soon as we get back from NY, I'm going to administer the kids' end-of-year assessments, which we need to demonstrate progress since last year. If they don't do well, we get put on probation, but I'm confident they will, even if we are a bit behind where I wanted to be in Mathematics.


That was me on Wednesday. (My hair is pulled back, halfwayish.) I'm trying like crazy to grow out my hair, but it's like watching the paint dry. Sophia has my hair. Unlike the rest of the family, who have lots of FAST-growing crazy hair. Jealous, me? Why yes, yes I am.


I'll leave you with this last little tee-hee. What were they thinking??? Of course they meant the car, but how dense can you be? hahaha...

Have a great weekend, folks!