Wordless Wednesday III: Lunch With The Littles
Wordless Wednesday V: Lost In Lego Land

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday IV: Tasty Tapas And Tempting Treats


If you're ever in Virginia Beach, check out Central 111 Tapas off Great Neck Blvd - it's got a sophisticated vibe, yet children are welcome. And so are Restaurant.com certificates!


Cosmos were, like, ridiculously cheap since we were there at Happy Hour. Um, I had two.


We've ordered the Tuna Tartar before; it's always delicious and never disappoints.


Likewise, the Spring Rolls are exceptional.


Jack is ALL about wings lately, so we ordered a small plate (duh) for him. For the girls, we ordered their usual cheeses platter, with crackers and fruit, but I didn't photo that for some reason.


After tapas, as usual, everyone was still hungry. I decided to use the BOGO Cold Stone Creamery coupons I've been holding onto for lo, these past eight years, and spoil the kids some more. They were, shall we say, thrilled?