Saturday 9: Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?
And That's A Cut!

Random Snaps


Just a few pix to post before I get to the one about Chloë's most recent acting gig: Here is said child, asleep in a bin, while we were packing for our current move from there to here. All done!


Can you spot the three children in this picture? No? They're all asleep in the children's waiting area on Rob's surgery day last Thursday. We had to be there at 0-dark-thirty, and they were sooooo super tired. A kind nurse brought blankets. Thank you, Kind Nurse!


I didn't get a good shot of him without a flash, because the flash picture scared him right away after this was taken; anyway, this baby 'possum was looking in our rear door windows as we packed up the other night at the old house! I don't care how little they are, though - they're still fugly! I'd save another one if I had to, though. God's creatures, and all...


The next day, while we were doing more packing - four of us, anyway - this is what Sophia was busy doing. A friend called her "The Next Gaga!"


Tonight, Chloë was sportin' quite a 'fro, so this 'do was Rob's solution. Yes, it really did stick straight up in the air. Sophia tried to mimic the 'do in her own fine, straight hair, but it didn't quite have the same effect, so I didn't photo it. Silliness, though.

'Kay, time to go edit the photos from the TV shoot, so I'll be back in a jif!