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I Done Been Creatin'


For the last four days or so, I've been working on this purdy li'l thang. I finished less than an hour ago!


The sweater, technically called a "sacque" because I don't know why, was the first piece I made. I almost ran out of the light pink on this, but not quite.


The bonnet, on which I pretty much did run out of the light pink, was next, followed by the booties. I hate crocheting booties. I don't know why; they're just not my favorite a-tall. But they turned out nicer than the picture shows, so all is good, right?


The soaker (a cloth diaper cover) was the last piece. The pattern looked harmless enough... it's not really crooked; I just didn't notice I laid it out that way when I took the photos.


My favorite part is the ruffly tushy!! So cute! Deceptively yarn-, time-, and labor-intensive, I was fixin' to give up when I finished the first one and saw how adorable it looked. Can you imagine this on a wee baby girl? I so wish I had a model... le sigh.

Anyway, this-here's what's been keeping me up nights. Well, this, and caffeine, anxiety, stress... ;)

You like it? I like it. Good enough.